We are dedicated to selling unique, handmade and high quality Kashmiri carpets made of silk or local Kashmiri wool.

Especially, we offer those ones made of silk that are not only examples of exceptional craft but also of sublime art known worldwide for its beauty and unique designs. Traditional ones include floral motifs as flowers, leaves, trees as well as birds, rosettes or geometrical motifs. Elaborated pure silk on silk or silk on cotton, they are made by local Kashmiri families at their homes during winter season in that beautiful Himalayan region.

Hand knotted rugs usually take several months to be finished and consist of hundreds of thousands of knots made by talented hands of local Kashmiri craftsmen who pass this profession from generation to generation. Later on rugs can be often stored as a part of a family treasure or sold to those ones who can appreciate the beauty and work that goes into creating these works of art. This kind of art that never goes out of style or fashion.

Particularly, we recommend extremely soft and luxurious silk on silk carpets, which means that both sides – the weft and warp are made of pure, high quality silk. We may provide you with different sizes, designs and variety of colors. But all of them are unique pieces, often made as only one copy.

The sizes may differ and you may choose from the following (other sizes on a special request):

3′ x 5′ / 90 x 150 cm

4′ x 6′ / 120 cm x 180 cm

5′ x 7′ / 150 x 215 cm

Here below, there are some samples of silk carpets and designs we may offer you.

Silk on silk carpets

Classic Kashmiri design vivid turquoise and blue silk on silk carpet

Peacock design silk on silk carpet